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    Egypt Meditation Egypt Meditation Egypt Sparrow Tours - Meditaion

    Egypt Sparrow Tours Sacred Sites

    With open hearts and minds we invite you to join us on this magical journey to uncover the ancient mystery secrets of Egypt.

    Day 1 arrival

    Arrival to Cairo airport met & assisted by our representatives through customs. Transfer to the hotel Overnight in Cairo

    Day 2 (Giza) Ancient Mystery Schools of Sakkara

    Breakfast and departure from Hotel to start your full day. Visiting the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx: Listen closely as you awaken and dress for Sunrise at the Giza Plateau. As you come alive, you will no doubt feel the peaceful and timeless energy that these mysterious structures still emit. After a peaceful Sunrise Meditation at the Great Pyramid.
    Then a visit to the Cairo Egyptian Museum – mummies, mummy casings, hundreds of statues, and the renowned King TUT collection. Afterwards we see Old Cairo.
    We visit the Ben Ezra Synagogue and two Coptic Churches, one built during the 4th Century and one built over a spot where the Holy Family is said to have rested. We return to the hotel.

    Day 3 (DENDERA) Hathor's Temple

    Breakfast transfer to the domestic airport departure by the plane to Luxor arrival, met & assisted by our representatives, transfer to the hotel, we journey by convoy to the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. The avenue leading to the temple is between two Roman fountains and leads to an immense gate.
    Within the Roman walls is the temple, with its six Hathor-headed columns watching our approach As we move through the entrance we can sense the timelessness of this sacred place and we begin to imagine what temple life must have been like in ancient times.
    Frankincense and myrrh wafting through the great pillars and harp strings sounding ancient chords as voices chant in the processional toward the Holy of Holies. Carved on the temple pillars, we observe harps, double pipes, sistrums (rattles), tambourines and dancers offering gifts for the abundant of creation.
    All this symbolizing the energies of Hathor, goddess of love, joy, beauty, music, dance and healing. We will lose ourselves in the mysterious chambers, secret crypts and corridors. Upstairs we admire the famous circular ceiling zodiac and outside, the grounds have holy wells lake and several birth houses. Return to Luxor in the afternoon. Overnight in: Luxor

    Day 4 LUXOR (Karnak & Luxor Temple) Sekhmet Sanctuary

    After breakfast, Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the Nile Cruise, after lunch, visit Karnak Temple, dedicated to Amun-Ra, the personification of the hidden and unknown creative power. Associated with the use of power, Karnak was the most important place of worship in ancient Egypt.
    We will walk among papyrus and lotus columns, obelisks and shrines and observe the play of sun and shadow dance across ancient wisdom carved into stone. At the far end we will explore the Sacred Lake, used for initiations and healing by the priests and priestesses. Later, we will take a detour off the beaten track, passing five successive gateways to the sanctuaries of Ptah and Sekhmet. Here is the statue of the lioness goddess Sekhmet.
    She is the third eye of the Sun God Ra, whose solar eyes symbolizes the one who gained enlightenment through the controlled use of power. Sekhmet is the goddess associated with power, creation, and destruction and healing. The energies here are strong and many spiritual travelers have profound experiences inside this mystical room. We return to our hotel in the afternoon. We arise early to beat the tourist crowds at Luxor Temple. This temple, also termed "Temple of Man", is said to have been built according to the creation of Man and his spiritual development and destiny. Here in the heart of the temple we will dedicate this morning in a meditation for personal and planetary healing, recognizing that our own destiny and strength comes from the same divine power that runs through the veins of all humankind
    overnight in Luxor.

    Day 5: LUXOR-WEST BANK "Planetary Healing

    After breakfast, we cross the Nile River by bus to the West Bank and to the Valley of the Kings and Queens. We will visit the fabulous tombs and temples nestled deep in the desert terrain of the valley. At Hatshepsut Temple we explore the sanctuaries dedicated to Hathor and Anubis, deities of the Earth and the spirit realms. At dusk we may yet again be graced by the translucent light of the moon as it rises above the hills surrounding the temple here. We return back to our Cruise ship early evening. Dinner.
    Overnight onboard Nile Cruise.

    Day 6: EDFU Temple of Horus, the Falcon God

    A day to relax and let the timeless scenes along the river drift past as our boat sails slowly up the Nile. We pass through the lock at Esna .It will be a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing, reading and chatting as we watch life along the banks of the Nile. Upon arrival in Edfu we will transfer by horse and carriage to the temple. Here we will unite the male (Horus) and the female energies (Hathor). Dedicated to the Falcon God Horus this temple was occasionally referred to as the "Exaltation of Horus". On the inner face of the east pylon of the temple is a description of the annual Festival of the "Great Reunion". Once a year the Goddess Hathor would travel from Dendera Temple to Edfu to visit her consort/husband Horus. Many of these ceremonies were enacted within the temple walls for the priesthood and their invited guests; while the rest of the people of Edfu had to wait impatiently outside the walls for the beautiful sailing of Hathor.Until then the people only heard vague echoes of singing and dancing coming from within the temple walls. After exploring this lovely temple we return to our Cruise ship and sail to Kom Ombo After dinner we will go up to the top deck for an evening meditation under the stars. The full moon tonight should throw a magical light over the River Nile, a beautiful setting, as we enter into a.
    overnight: Nile Cruise (B, L, D).

    Day 7: KOM OMBO Temple of Sobek & Haroeris:

    After sailing further south we again disembark at Kom Ombo and visit the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris, a temple associated with healing and sometimes called the Temple of Duality. We sail on, arriving to Aswan in the evening, there may be time for some adventures at the colorful bazaar and lovely promenade it is almost everyone's favorite town in Egypt. Dinner and overnight onboard Cruise ship. (B, L, D)

    Day 8: ASWAN Temple of Isis

    In the early morning, we will visit the Island Temple of Philae.
    The mystical and majestic aura surrounding this temple complex is breath taking and attracts visitors from all over the world. As our boat approaches the island it will be just before sunrise. Seen from a level of a small boat, the island with its palms, its colonnades, its pylons seems to rise out of the river like a mirage.
    It is as if one expects white-angels to come sweeping around between the palms and the pylons. We enter the temple and move across the massive courtyards, through huge rooms to the inner sanctuary of Isis. We receive her teachings by the sacred altar stone. Then we move on to the chapel of Hathor, where we will tune into her energies.
    Transfer to Aswan airport to fly to Cairo, arrive met & assisted by our representatives, transfer to the hotel.
    Overnight in Cairo

    Day 9

    Breakfast; Transfer to the international Cairo airport for your final departure

    Program Includes:

    - 3 nights Hotel accommodation in Cairo on bed and breakfast basis.
    - One night accommodation in Luxor.
    - 4 night's accommodation Cruise.
    - All the meditation programs.
    - All transferring Cairo Luxor and Aswan.
    - English speaking guide (other languages available).

    Not Included:

    - Entry visa.
    - Insurance of any kind.
    - Extras of any kind.
    - Any tips.
    -Air ticket fair Cairo-Luxor-Aswan-Cairo

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