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    Nile Valley To Siwa Oasis Felluca

    Sailing the Nile with Typical Egyptian Felucca

    Aswan to Edfu.......Edfu to Aswan

    Nubian sailors welcome you aboard the typical Nile felucca with Egyptian  hospitality like cheese and vegetables or scrambled eggs with bread and salad


    Rest high mast and triangular sail, which is in use since ancient times. An average felucca takes 10 passengers. The space between the benches is used for storing luggage and covered by planks, which form the deck. Rugs are provided for comfortable sitting. Sailing usually starts at 8.00a.m., with stops for lunch. The Nile  valley between Luxor and Aswan is considered the most beautiful stretch of landscape in Egypt

    Felucca Sunset

    Lush vegetation on the riverbanks contrasts sharply with golden sand dunes and


    Rock formations in the background. You pass colorful Upper Egyptian  and Nubian


    Villages, cattle bathing and children splashing in the water. In Kom Ombo visit to


    The Ptolemaic twin temples set between reeds and islets used for grazing.


    Another attraction is a stroll through the lively camel market in the Upper


    Egyptian hamlet of Darau (Tuesdays only!). In Edfu you'll see the temple of


    Horus, nearly fully preserved and dating back to the Ptolemaic kings. Especially


    Beautiful are the Nile islands of Aswan, set in front of a desert background.

    Felucca aswan


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