Safari 2

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 00:02
    White_desert Safari 2

    The Wonder of the Western Desert

    Luxor / Cairo

    Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra and Bahariya. Four of the 'El Wahat '/Oases in the ' Wadi Gadeed' New Valley of the western desert. Each one having its own very personal identity

    Day 1

    Early morning air conditioned bus from Luxor, arriving Kharga after noon. Transfer to hotel. Welcome meeting .Time is short!

    Day 2

    Breakfast.  Strong shoes! Enjoy the drive to the north of Kharga; climb the gentle slope to the Roman Temple /Fortress of Nadura .The view from here is stunning of the surrounding desert. Continue on Bagawat and to the Christian Cemetery (believed to be of the oldest in the world, and the Continue on to Bagawat and to the best preserved). Nearby is the temple of Hibis (Persian 26 Dyn), here we can only look at the outside of this temple as it is under a big restoration programme, worthy of a visit since – On to the center of Kharga and the "souk" within the old part of the city (chance to buy something to eat/drink) explore the small dark "Medieval" streets, mostly uninhabited Back to hotel evening free

    Day 3

    Break fast. Visit the Ptolemaic temple /Fortress of Qasr El Ghuieta (fortress of the beautiful garden). Onto the Roman Fortress / Temple of Qasr El Zayyan, with its impressive enclosure wall. Stop for a drink near Sanaa.Continue southwards through the ever changing desert scenery to Dush, a Temple / Fortress, which marks the southern frontier of the Roman Empire.Return via Bulaq "hot" springs --- Are you ready for this??

    Day 4

    Breakfast. Kharga Museum containing many interesting artifacts from excavation both here and Dakhla. Onto the next Oases of Dakhla and the ever changing landscape, particularly the "yardangs" near Tineida.First Stop, the Old Kingdom "Mastabas" at Qila El Dakhla.   Note the unusual color of the mud brick.    Check in to hotel.  "Hot" spring time. Evening free.

    Day 5

    Breakfast. Visit the old "Medieval" city of Qasr Dakhla, a well preserved labrynth of uninhabited narrow streets.    Onto Deir El Hagar, Roman Temple, dedicated to the Theban Tried, Amun, Mut and khons.Continue through the desert onto Farafra. No Hotels!! We are sleeping under "the stars" in the wonders of the While Western Desert.  *** Don't forget you will need your sleeping bag or warm blanket).

    Day 6

    Drive on towards Baharyia, stopping at "Gebel El Izzaz" the beautiful "crystal" mountain.Drink stop.  Arrive Baharyia check into hotel. Hot spring time. Evening free.

    Day 7

    Breakfast. Visit Mohamed Eed Museum and shopping for local crafts.

    Leave for Cairo.


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