Safari 3

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 00:03
    obayed Safari 3

     Adventure Tripe to the Oases of the Western Desert of Egypt

    (Sand – Blue sky – Stars – Stones)

    2 Nights / 3 Days

    Luxor Cairo or Cairo Luxor.

        Fulfill your dreams by talking an excursion into the White Desert, and the surrounding Oases of Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga.

    • Experience the real Bedouin culture with our knowledgeable guide Abu Naga.
    • Enjoy the relaxing, nature hot water springs, barbeque at sunset and genuine Bedouin hospitality.
    • If you want to enjoy all these things our programmer

    Day 1 Luxor to Kharga

    Pick up jeep to our capital Oasis of the new valley. Visit one of the oldest Christian necropolises in the world, "Bagawat" and Egyptian "Ptolemaic" temple of Hibis And tack short drive to Dahkla where you will experience local Bedouin hospitality and natural hot spring swim that is good for your health, specialty for skin and arthritis


    Day 2 Dakhla to white desert

    Experience the beauty of Qasir, the oldest and still inhabited Islamic town just out of Dakhla then our drive takes us deep into the western desert and close to the great Sand Sea. And then visit Farafra Oasis before heading into magical white desert to look for fossils and black pyrites. Camp amongst the chalk and limestone formation and then over night stay in the desert sleeping beneath the stars in road to Bahariya is crystal mountain where can hunt for quart


    Day 3 Cairo

    • Travel through Bahariya to Cairo Or return back to luxor
    • Some nights we will make barbeque.

        All meals are included


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